The Things I do to get the Body I’m After

What I’m telling you about today is the last 7 days of my exercise regime.  I will tell you how I fit it in with work and family life.

Firstly more bare truths. I’ve got to be honest I’m struggling. Struggling to get the extra weight off I’m still carrying. I’m finding myself avoiding eating out. My last meal out was Monday, I choose the healthy options from the menu but the useless pub didn’t have anything left. This was 7.30 at night FFS!!  What pub/restaurant runs out of salad!! The Fox and Raven does on Chelmer Village thats who!

Tomorrow, Monday I will be completely focused.

Back on track, this weeks exercise

Monday, this is my usual day off though its never a day of doing nothing, this week myself and my running friend Sarah drove to Bradfield, near Ramsey.  The temperature was roughly 28/29c, we couldn’t abort as we booked this in our diaries weeks ago as we are both busy working mums, so that was the day we had to do. We were reccying our leg of the Essex Way Relays which are held first Sunday in September, a large amount of running clubs take part in this event that runs from Epping to Harwich in 10 legs. Different runners run each leg, last year the mighty Springfield Striders wiped the board and won everything!!! Its always a busy day for me , being Ladies Captain it’s mine and the Gents Captain jobs to be at the start of every leg, starting at 7am, run our own leg then be at the finish. usually getting home 10-11pm.   I’ve digressed , we ran  leg 5.7 miles out, turned round and ran it back, totalling almost 12 miles off road. two wee stops in fields and woods, water stop care of Wrabness Church. NB/ if you’re ever thirsty most churches have fresh water tap ouside To top it off I had to pick my bike up from its 6 weeks check, so 2 1/2 bike ride home just about finished me off

Tuesday, fully booked at work, usual running round that mums do, cooked dinner but left mine until later as didn’t have time to eat it before effort training at club. 6 miles hard running, though my legs were battered so not much effort could be put in here.

Wednesdays are my late night at work, I finish when I finish no set time, therefore I try not to start first thing if I’m able. Instead this week I had my first ever PT session. There’s parts I want to target, get more into weights, so I called in Brett from DNA BOOTCAMP for his help. This man is soo knowledgeable about the human body and mind it’s unreal. I had  a 30 minute consultation with him first, though it felt more like a counselling session. He took pictures against a blue background, blocked out lighting, this was the bare bones of what I looked like. I’ll be honest I did not like what I saw and couldn’t look any longer than I had to!

Thursday, a full day at work but not mega busy, PT session number 2. By now everything ached, I couldn’t feel my arms.

Friday was and always is a very busy day at work, I got it done, rushed off to my HiiT session with DNA BOOTCAMP.

Saturday 10 hours day without a break, by the time salon was cleaned I was pooped

Sunday, I had arranged to run with another member of Striders to reccy her leg out and back, total 18 miles, she messaged me to postpone. Instead I cycled to a trail race and back totalling 15.7 miles. A trail race is an off road run where you are timed out and back in, you run following a narrative map, great fun. I also ran this 5.8 miles with another very quick Strider as she fancied an easier run.

Other ways of getting time to do the things I want is I get my shopping delivered or do Click N Collect, I have a cleaner once a fortnight. These are things I don’t want to do, so you could say I don’t have time to do them, or rather I don’t want to make time to do them.  See where this is going?



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