I’m Back!!

Sorry it’s been a while, I don’t see the point in writing if I have nothing new to say. Now, I do have news. I’ve had the blood tests to ascertain if I was in peri menopausal, slow thyroid and goodness knows what,all normal (for a 47 year old woman).

I’ve been on holiday, trained everyday at the best gym on the Costa Del Sol, some days with the sexy Elliott Wright (TOWIE), came home feeling fat, as you do!

Just before I went away I finally plucked up the courage to approach a stunning lady at my gym, Kelly Sephton, she’s a PT, fitness model, nutrition expert amongst other things. I felt I needed her help in the way of telling me what to eat and when to eat it! She soon customised a 4 week plan for me, which I started the day I returned to the UK.

After 3 weeks I can see the transformation. I haven’t dropped a huge amount of weight but I am changing, my body is looking more trim. I’m feeling motivated again, I’m determined to get to where I want to be before 2017 is through.
Picture 1 below is 2 weeks into plan, picture 2 is 3 weeks into plan, total weight loss is 6lb so not huge amounts but look at the difference!!

Please check Kelly out
and follow her via her website on Instagram, FB and Twitter. www.kellysephton.com

Next time I will tell you about the full allergy test I had last week!!


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If in Doubt Leave the Buggers Out!!

Today I’m having a rant. Gym and fitness class goers, ladies not gents, well maybe some gents, does the padding in gym bras/tops get right on your nerves? In the way that once they hit the washing machine, no matter how gentle the cycle they screw up into some deformed shape that does remotely resemble a boob!!! The gap to remove and add them is soo small, IF there’s one at all, that the padding can never go back in where it should be or how it should be!

Yes they are there to protect our modesty, but don’t! Just don’t! If in doubt keep the buggers out!

This is only a small selection from my bra padding collection!

I’m also a runner and a cyclist, no padding going astray with sports bras! Why? There’s isn’t any in there, because it’s not needed!

Rant over!


Mid life (fat) Crisis 

The weight gain continues! I’m training hard, diet in check but not loosing anything,  even more annoying if I have a cheat day I’ll put 7-10lbs on, then it comes off in a couple of days and not 1 ounce more.

I decided a visit to the doctor was needed as I was displaying symptoms of peri menopause, hot flushes, weight gain particularly around the waist, anxiety to name a few.  Blood test done, everything normal. Ffs!!! Now what? 

I’ve stopped with the heavy weights, putting cardio back into my training.  I’m back to more early mornings Hiit or bootcamp sessions, now training 6 days per week, some days twice a day.

I’ve gone back on YouTube to find some varied methods of training.  Today I tried one of Jow Wicks AKA The Body Coach’s 30 min Hiit session, have to say it was tough and sweat was pouring off me. 

Here’s the link as it’s a good un https://youtu.be/xTxcVBiPyro

Over the coming week I will fill you in on The Three Peaks Challenge I completed plus a real rant on gym gear 

This Really isn’t Easy 

I’ve been frantically searching to find the perfect diet for me, actually no not diet, lifestyle, which is what I’ve said all along.  My body started to respond to my lifestyle (diet) in a different way, it started to hold on to everything, even fluid! An average of 3 litres a day was going in, no way was that coming out. 

Daily I stepped on the scales, my weight just kept rising, until last week when I had gained 2 stone, from the lean me, and no it wasn’t, couldn’t possibly all be muscle. 

I’d considered that maybe I’m perimenopausal,  at nearly 47 I was showing a lot of the symptoms,  weight gain, night sweats and anxiety.  A visit to my GP resulted in blood test still waiting for the results.

In the meantime I’ve also invested in some supplements especially for women http://www.ehplabs.com/store/female-fat-loss-cardio-kit.html. The ingredients are all natural nothing dodgy . The results have been pretty astonishing.  I’ve dropped 12lbs in 6 days, this is almost definitely fluid.  Don’t go buying these thinking they are the magic weight loss cure, you do have to work with them, I have upped my cardio, religiously trained at 6am if that’s the only time I could do.  Really reigned in my food, got back with myfitnesspal app.  It’s starting to feel natural again 

Was sent this picture recently thought I’d share it 

It’s Getting Tougher

As above……it really is. Since breaking my nose I’ve really got stuck in to diet and exercise, by diet I mean lifestyle.

My body is now used to how I was eating, high protein, low carbs. Since October I haven’t been able to loose the holiday weight I gained. In fact I was getting heavier. I came to the conclusion my body thought I was bulking and it held on to everything that went in. Bulking is something that fitness models do when they are prepping to compete, they gain weight, turn into into muscle then loose every ounce of fat, it’s called “shredding” and is bloody unhealthy, physically and mentally! 

This is getting depressing, I’ve taken major action, upped cardio to 4 runs per week, weights 4 times per week, Hiit 2 times per week, yep that’s 10 sessions over 7 days, which means doubling up some days, oh yeah and don’t forget I work 5 full days per week, Wednesdays until 8-9pm. This means up at 5.30am 3-4 days per week, workouts late at night and up early Sundays.  This is called making time, it’s hard going but it’s determination, anyone who wants to really want to do it, will, no excuses!  I’ve dropped my calories, I’m not actually counting them but what goes in is totally clean eating. 

Sadly people look at me and think I’m one of those jammy sods who don’t put on weight, they couldn’t be further from the truth. One heavy night and I’m 5lbs up. The fight is real and I’m battling every day so please don’t look at me and think it comes easy, it really doesn’t, please don’t call me obsessed, I’m not I just know my body and I don’t want to let it down by letting it get out of hand.  

Put Your Bloody Weights Back!

Sorry just realised it’s been ages. Time flies when you keep hurting yourself.

Following the torn calf and strained back, I proceeded to reinjure my back, thankfully not as bad as the last time. However whilst at the gym, I needed a small weight, it was hanging on the side of the rack, above it was a 10kg weight. I didn’t want to risk further injury and chose to not take it down, to enable me to get the smaller one from below, instead I pulled both to the end and thought I could tip the smaller one and edge it out. How wrong could I have been. The 10kg weight tipped forward, fell from the rack hitting my nose. Within seconds blood poured from my nose, I knew at this point it was broken !

After driving myself home from the gym, I arrived home in shock. After frantically messaging people and by the power of FB I was taken to hospital. 2 weeks later it was operated on, they confirmed the bone had been broken. I had to wear a horrible splint for the next 10 days.

The reason I’m sharing this story is I have a major grievance with people who DO NOT put their weights back after use. Had that 10kg weight been stacked correctly my nose would still be in tact. Many a time I’ve tripped over weights just left on the floor. Countless times I’ve not been able to use the squat rack because some inconsiderate meat head can’t be arsed to take the 80kgs off the bar. There’s no way I can or will do it!

The message I’m sending out is


Mind Set 

Today I ran injury free for the first time since mid October, there was a suspected bursitis, followed by a torn calf on 18th December, 2nd tear 7th January, few days after that I blew up my back during a dead lift! 

At this point it was easy to have given up with eating right to, but I didn’t, in fact I became more determined. I couldn’t do my shoe laces up let alone exercise, the only way to keep it together was to control what went into my mouth.

This totally worked. I’m now getting back to the gym and running, gently for now and I’ve stopped picking in between meals. This has been a nightmare the last few months I couldn’t wait for it to become second nature to NOT eat in between meals, now it is again.

I’ve also given up caffeine, I’ve not had any side effects but I’m sleeping soo much better it’s unbelievable the change there. 

The moral of today’s story is so much of what we eat,drink , move, don’t move is a mind set. Now my mind is set