Brutal Truth

Count down to my holiday begins! The naturist in me will soon be released! Only joking I do wear bikini bottoms, regardless there’s nowhere to hide any imperfections, I’m even frantically rubbing bio oil into my scars from my op 3 times per day.

This week has seen me focused on what I’m eating and drinking again, although had a few blips. Physical activity has been spot on.

Monday 7am personal training session with Brett, later in the afternoon  45 minutes on my abs in the garden.

Tuesday 6.50am DNARAW Hiit session at the gym, mad day at work, hill effort session with Springfield Striders RC in the evening .

Wednesday 9am personal training session with Brett, worked until 6.15pm then did a sociable easy paced off road run from the pub. I did stay for food this time as have avoided it in the past and I couldn’t resist the steak and ale pie followed by a Belgian waffle   Great pub , very friendly staff and lovely food.

Thursday I took as a rest day, long day at work instead. 

Friday I had booked in for the Hiit session with DNA bootcamp in the evening, I was horrified to receive an email saying it was cancelled. What was I to do? Open my Dropbox folder with my PT Tabata exercises on from Brett and got stuck into that for an hour. Happy Days.

Saturday, my pregnant friend Nikki offered to pace me round Parkrun. I only took her up on this as normally she is way to fast for me. By now my entire body is aching, I had low expectations for a PB. Amazingly I smashed it! PB by 15seconds thanks to Nik’s words of encouragement and pointing out the next person I was to “pick off” I also rode there and back. At 12pm it was the club’s annual BBQ, now I will be honest, 1 burger, 13 chipolaters, too much vodka to count, Prosecco, head stands, handstands later we carried it on in town until 2am. I infact went on a 14 hour bender!  I didn’t have a kebab though folks 

Sunday, yep I got up, rode to Terling, ran 8.3 miles off road, rode home 15 miles in total. The run was tough, my legs tired, soo much so I tripped, couldn’t right myself and managed to land on my shoulder, band my hip and my head!! I’m now totally destroyed.

There you go, my weekend is now a right off where eating is concerned, tomorrow’s a new day, all is not lost.

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