Mind Set 

Today I ran injury free for the first time since mid October, there was a suspected bursitis, followed by a torn calf on 18th December, 2nd tear 7th January, few days after that I blew up my back during a dead lift! 

At this point it was easy to have given up with eating right to, but I didn’t, in fact I became more determined. I couldn’t do my shoe laces up let alone exercise, the only way to keep it together was to control what went into my mouth.

This totally worked. I’m now getting back to the gym and running, gently for now and I’ve stopped picking in between meals. This has been a nightmare the last few months I couldn’t wait for it to become second nature to NOT eat in between meals, now it is again.

I’ve also given up caffeine, I’ve not had any side effects but I’m sleeping soo much better it’s unbelievable the change there. 

The moral of today’s story is so much of what we eat,drink , move, don’t move is a mind set. Now my mind is set 

The Injured Fit Freak

As it says!! Injured! This is how it began, took a deadlift ever so slightly wrong, as I stood up I felt a very slight pinch in my back. Next day Hiit, ran a park run, cross country race one day, Tiptree 10 miler next day where I felt the pain moved no down to my knee. Ran Beachy Head marathon 2 weeks later on no runs, held out until mile 15, got through it.

 Continued my Hiit sessions, running, PT session, weights etc end result;

Lots of pain behind my left knee, I can run on it but after end up in pain, however it’s hindering my  weight training hugely! I’ve also had an ongoing niggle in my right shoulder that has also escalated, I’m loosing confidence in a lot of my training as don’t trust my shoulder not to give out.

I’ve seen one of our bootcamp instructors who has trained as a sports therapist, he has done a great job, this week he’s worked on everything. He also uses the technique “cupping” I’ve had this before, however Tom’s method is different and much more effective. If you’re local to Chelmsford or Billericay he’s well worth a visithttps://www.facebook.com/ThomasJBell-Sports-Therapy-1779387505614609/

Then there’s old “Magic Hands” Deb. She specialises in clinical massages. 1.5 hours of firm, deep but relaxing massage. Based in Ramsden Heath she to is worth a visit. https://www.facebook.com/deborahjanemassage/

For me the combination of Deb and Tom are perfect.  I have now taken 1 week off any form of exercise. It’s going to be tough but I’m have to do it.

I have also invested in this book thank you to Deb for showing it to me. Invaluable piece of kit.


It’s all back on track…..diet, exercise, running! 

Monday I felt good after my 21 mile easy paced run, so popped along to the gym for some abs and back work. My abs were making an appearance again after my first colonic 🙊

However since having the treatment I became increasingly bloated and uncomfortable, thankfully I had 2 booked in for this week,  Thursday and Friday. Turns out still majorly impacted (gross subject sorry) and full of trapped wind, I can’t believe I’m telling everyone this! Apparently because I’m small and I have a narrow pelvis there are a lot of kinks in my bowel where things get stuck. After my 3rd session I felt human and not bloated any more.

Tuesday 6.15am Hiit session, Wednesday rest day, Thursday PT session, Friday 5.30pm Hiit session . Saturday I took off work as wanted to be part of the first cross country race of the Essex League, as I had the day off I thought I would warm up first and do Chelmsford Park Run that was an acceptable 5k didn’t go mad 23.25 so respectable. Couple of hours later 7km undulating cross country race. Sunday I had pre entered the Tiptree 10 mile road race, which I had to do, I just had to. That was tough my legs were soo tight, still a very respectable 1hr 25 mins, although this resulted in me hobbling around the rest of Sunday. 

So my cardio is up ⬆️ Fat burning exercise is up ⬆️ Protein intake is up⬆️ Calorie intake is down ⬇️ 

A winning combo……

Back on it

Back home and now to sort the collateral holiday damage.

Last week of holiday I smashed out gym sessions some days I ran also, tho non of this would negate the all day alcoholic binge I was on. I had lost the plot.

Now I’m home that’s all changed. 

Sunday was a huge running event I’ve been part of organising the past few months, it’s called The Essex Way Relay, it consists of 10 legs that start from Epping and end in Harwich over an 86 mile route. A large amounts of running clubs participate but our, Springfield Striders submits by far the most teams. I’m usually in charge of organising over 100 runners before and during along with the men’s captain. We also run. The results our ladies, men and vets won so the hard work was worth it. I managed to fall over, quite badly grazing my arm, feeling quite battered today. My run wasn’t my greatest the 3 weeks of booze took its toll.

Today Monday I’m back to personal train job with the Brettman, great session building what he calls the foundations. Though in full thrust lifting a weighted bar above my head I didn’t move my head quick enough and manger to smash into my chin. Now that hurt!

I’ve also started a 5 day juice cleanse with a company on Chelmsford called The Juice Kitchen, they are doing a special offer so I thought I’d tuck in and shed the unwanted pounds (well kickstart) for this week 


Day 1 and so far so good. Wish me luck for the next 4.

I Will Not Give Up! 

Sorry it’s been 2 weeks, life has been manic. I’ll fill you in. 

If you recall my last post I was starting a 5 day juice cleanse. I did it, no tea,coffee or food for 5 days! I didn’t feel hungry at all as it turns out the 6 juices amounted to 1500 calories per day,  but I felt drained and bored. The result…… despite having an evening meal on the final day was a weight loss of 9lbs. Yes I have put 4lbs back on but it was the boost I needed, 

My personal training has resumed with Brett, I gained a new confidence in using weights since having my training sessions and have now joined Absalute Gym in Chelmsford to keep up with what I’ve learned. At £25 a month, no contract it was hard not to. I’ve had to do a few 6am sessions to fit it all in, no wonder I’m shattered. Did I mention I’m also marathon training? 

My weekly timetable at the mo is 

Monday   weight session in gym 

Tuesday Hiit with bootcamp 6.15am then effort training with Springfield Striders 7.30pm

Wednesday 12 hour work days so no training 

Thursday gym session, followed by running club 

Friday 5.30 Hiit 

Saturday long work day

Sunday long off road run (up to 17 miles)

My healthy lifestyle is back on track though I’ve had a couple of nights out. Annoyingly I’m still 10lbs overweight, my Abs are nowhere to be seen, clothes too tight. I will not be despondent and throw in the towel, I’ve done it before so I will do it again. 

Holiday Time! 

Mad week at work, still packed in PT Monday 7am Hiit Tuesday 6.45am, Wednesday 6.15am DNA Bootcamp, Thursday running round the garden for 2 hours trying to catch my cat! Saturday morning woke up in Riviera Del Sol, Spain, got the old man on stop watch duty and did a 30 minute Hiit session on the huge balcony overlooking the pool and sea. Perfect. I had packed my skipping rope and resistance tube sadly unbeknown to me my foam roller got taken out! My session consisted of:

1 min skip/ 1 min burpees 6mins in total.            

1 min/1 min 6 mins in total on resistance tube, band pull a parts concentrating on the rhumboids and pull downs 

1 min jumping squats/1 min Bulgarian Split squats  (quads) 6mins in total 1 min sit up holding 5l water bottle above head/ 1 minute Russian Twists using water bottle

2 minute plank, 45 second full side planks 

Day 2 the plan was a 10k run along the seafront, it weren’t happening my calf muscles were as tight as buggery, where’s my foam roller when I need it the most? I settled for 7k of slow miles. I did however come across something good 

 I stopped for a little go but having issues with my shoulder at present so didn’t overdo it.

Before anyone says “you’re on holiday woman” I know I’m on holiday, this is part of my holiday, it’s not a chore to keep my fitness up, I enjoy it and why undo all my hard work? I’m drinking and eating out I am watching what I eat to a certain degree but it’s good I enjoy eating healthy food. Remember it’s a lifestyle not a diet.

Getting Better With Age

It’s been a tough week, mega busy at work as going away soon, kids off school, I still got it done though I am laying on the sofa blurry eyed at this moment.  

I made my own protein balls, I am uber proud of these and they taste lovely .

Dates (200g)

Ground almonds (100g) 

Almond butter (a dollop)

Coconut oil (a dollop)

Chia seeds (couple of spoonfuls)

Dessicated coconut (couple of spoonfuls)

Cacao powder (few spoonfuls)

Vanilla protein powder (30g)

Water as needed

Zapped it all up (remember to take the seeds out of the dates) rolled into balls, a few I rolled in melted cacao buttons and coconut think I may have overdone the buttons though. They last for ages in the fridge and can be frozen.

This weeks activity consisted of 

Monday 7am PT session with Brett Bowen, 7pm offroad trail race with my fast runner friends Nikki and Catherine,  almost 6 miles. 

Tuesday 6.15am Hiit session 

Thursday an hour weight session at home

Friday The Ipswich Twilight 10k, I smashed a PB by over 2 minutes and also was first in my age category 45-49! I won my first trophy, so pleased and forever grateful to my pacer Nikki.

Sunday a very tough 13.1 miles, mainly off road and hilly but with a twist, the middle 5 miles was a road race put on by my running club. Followed by 30 minute ab session.

So yes I’m shattered,  bring on another week . 

Brutal Truth

Count down to my holiday begins! The naturist in me will soon be released! Only joking I do wear bikini bottoms, regardless there’s nowhere to hide any imperfections, I’m even frantically rubbing bio oil into my scars from my op 3 times per day.

This week has seen me focused on what I’m eating and drinking again, although had a few blips. Physical activity has been spot on.

Monday 7am personal training session with Brett, later in the afternoon  45 minutes on my abs in the garden.

Tuesday 6.50am DNARAW Hiit session at the gym, mad day at work, hill effort session with Springfield Striders RC in the evening .

Wednesday 9am personal training session with Brett, worked until 6.15pm then did a sociable easy paced off road run from the pub. I did stay for food this time as have avoided it in the past and I couldn’t resist the steak and ale pie followed by a Belgian waffle http://www.theredlionmargaretting.co.uk   Great pub , very friendly staff and lovely food.

Thursday I took as a rest day, long day at work instead. 

Friday I had booked in for the Hiit session with DNA bootcamp in the evening, I was horrified to receive an email saying it was cancelled. What was I to do? Open my Dropbox folder with my PT Tabata exercises on from Brett and got stuck into that for an hour. Happy Days.

Saturday, my pregnant friend Nikki offered to pace me round Parkrun. I only took her up on this as normally she is way to fast for me. By now my entire body is aching, I had low expectations for a PB. Amazingly I smashed it! PB by 15seconds thanks to Nik’s words of encouragement and pointing out the next person I was to “pick off” I also rode there and back. At 12pm it was the club’s annual BBQ, now I will be honest, 1 burger, 13 chipolaters, too much vodka to count, Prosecco, head stands, handstands later we carried it on in town until 2am. I infact went on a 14 hour bender!  I didn’t have a kebab though folks 

Sunday, yep I got up, rode to Terling, ran 8.3 miles off road, rode home 15 miles in total. The run was tough, my legs tired, soo much so I tripped, couldn’t right myself and managed to land on my shoulder, band my hip and my head!! I’m now totally destroyed.

There you go, my weekend is now a right off where eating is concerned, tomorrow’s a new day, all is not lost.