Why do we indeed? Or why do I? I get ribbed for it constantly. So why do I put up with it and still live in the selfie revolution? Another brutal truth today, it’s all about image, whether it be body image, facial, how do people perceive me, in my case all of the above. I don’t take hundreds to get it right, if it’s not right it gets deleted, I don’t photoshop them as I’ve been accused, I should take that one as a compliment. Yep I use filters, not all the time but maybe half the time.  I’m happy to post ones without makeup for the haters, but also because I’m fed up of seeing pictures on social media of all these 20 somethings that have so much contouring, make up, editing, filters that the photo isn’t actually them.  Sod the poor bloke that picks one for a date without actually meeting them first. 

Barefaced, no editing, no filters

I see myself differently in a picture than I do in the mirror, I accuse mirrors of not being flat if I look fat and so on. Without a doubt I see myself differently than others see me, and what no one until now knows is that one nasty comment, believe me I get a lot, my self esteem is destroyed, then my  determination to improve ignites , bootcamp, Hiit, running, cycling, change my hair colour, cut my hair, grow my hair, lets have another tattoo the routines begin again. Having said all that the lovely messages I’ve had from all sorts of people, most I know but some I don’t make me just as determined to keep it all going.

no filters, loads of slap, brilliant lighting

The bottom line is I do it for me, I do care how people perceive me, how they see me, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t bother. I think a lot of people can relate to what I’ve written tonight.