This Is Me!

I finally got to where I won’t to be. I’ve trained extremely hard, stuck to a clean eating diet, the results are clear. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, I won’t to show the world, if you don’t like flesh then look away now!

Ultra marathon this Sunday, juggling the training over my busiest period at work has been exhausting. From Monday I’m back on low carbs and hitting the weights again as have another goal set for next month.

Where Have I Been?pt2

The story continues, the gym sessions have been immense, trying to juggle with running has been hard. Hard gym workout equals sore legs, sore legs equals bad running, they truly were clashing.

A few days before my photo shoot Kelly took all my measurements. My body fat was down 4% and muscle quality up 10%! I had dropped 12lb in weight too. I felt ready. These two pictures were taken 6 weeks apart, if you want to change you really can. No excuses just focus that’s all it takes.