Who watches The Island with Bear Gryllis? The show where they plonk you on a deserted remote island in the Pacific Ocean? I’ve watched all the series and over time developed an urge to go!

In May it popped up on Facebook that applications for the 2018 series were open, now was my chance, without a second thought I went to the website to check it out. The process involved sending an email with a description of yourself. SENT! The waiting game began, they stated you may be invited to apply or hear nothing. Now at this point I hadn’t discussed it with my family as when I’d said in the past I’d like to do it my husband wasn’t best pleased about being a single parent for weeks.

July to my delight I was invited to apply, this involved a lengthy questionnaire, a photo and a 3 minute video. For the life of me I can’t remember the photo I sent but I know it was quite a glamorous one, the opposite to my life description and video. I’m not sure how to add videos to blogs so sadly can’t show you on here but it’s in my FB page

Again SEND! Now I had to forget about it. Mid August whilst with a client I received a phone call, it was from the production company Shine, the voice on the phone said “I’m just calling to talk to you about your application for The Island” as I was busy I asked if I could call her back? “Of course it will only be a 10 minute conversation. Oh and Well done” Well done? What did this mean? I called her back at the first opportunity, no answer! Argh wtf! Again! Again! Then I got through. We had a chat 30 minutes later, she announced I was through to the final process and would I like to come to London to audition. Would I hek!

Forgot to say by this time I had told my husband who really wasn’t happy. It meant I would be away for 6 weeks, flying out 26th October returning 7th December, little did he know I had it all in hand.

The confirmation email informed me I wasn’t to tell more people than I had to and no photos on social media of the studios etc. Only a select few knew my secret.

Late August I made the journey to London, to my delight my husband text me to give me his blessing, I think he thought it was a done deal. At the audition there were a few others waiting for their turn, we weren’t allowed to discuss things which was very difficult, sitting in a room with people and making idle chit chat when we were busting with excitement. My turn to go in front of the camera came, I was asked the usual stuff “why did I want to go on The Island” family stuff, childhood etc. I went off on a tangent as I do. When I got my chance to ask questions I randomly asked “can we take a razor?” The answer was as I thought, No. “OMG!” I exclaimed “my minge will be down here” as I ran my hand down me legs to my knees! I still chuckle about this. Anyway I now had 4 weeks to wait!

My select few were convinced I was in! As time went by I had to start to tell some clients as those booking in advance needed to know I may have to cancel. I stopped shaving me legs and underarms in anticipation of having them waxed. 4 weeks came I still hadn’t heard. I believed they were telling those that got through first and the rejects were later. The suspense was starting to tell its toll.

Eventually the email arrived……

I didn’t make it. I was truly devastated! No feedback was given. I needed this, I needed a mental cleanse, no phones, no social media, no contact with the world, the world couldn’t contact me. I wanted to “find myself be reborn” if you like. It wasn’t to be. I felt empty. How will I achieve this? I have no idea. I don’t want to go into a show where you get voted off, this would do my self esteem no good whatsoever, I didn’t want to do something where there was winners or losers this wasn’t what it was about. Maybe I’ll try again but right now my thoughts are I didn’t get in for a reason. I’m not what they’re looking for, this won’t change next time. I actually have no idea what they were looking for, I will find out April 2018 when the shows are aired.

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