If in Doubt Leave the Buggers Out!!

Today I’m having a rant. Gym and fitness class goers, ladies not gents, well maybe some gents, does the padding in gym bras/tops get right on your nerves? In the way that once they hit the washing machine, no matter how gentle the cycle they screw up into some deformed shape that does remotely resemble a boob!!! The gap to remove and add them is soo small, IF there’s one at all, that the padding can never go back in where it should be or how it should be!

Yes they are there to protect our modesty, but don’t! Just don’t! If in doubt keep the buggers out!

This is only a small selection from my bra padding collection!

I’m also a runner and a cyclist, no padding going astray with sports bras! Why? There’s isn’t any in there, because it’s not needed!

Rant over!


Mid life (fat) Crisis 

The weight gain continues! I’m training hard, diet in check but not loosing anything,  even more annoying if I have a cheat day I’ll put 7-10lbs on, then it comes off in a couple of days and not 1 ounce more.

I decided a visit to the doctor was needed as I was displaying symptoms of peri menopause, hot flushes, weight gain particularly around the waist, anxiety to name a few.  Blood test done, everything normal. Ffs!!! Now what? 

I’ve stopped with the heavy weights, putting cardio back into my training.  I’m back to more early mornings Hiit or bootcamp sessions, now training 6 days per week, some days twice a day.

I’ve gone back on YouTube to find some varied methods of training.  Today I tried one of Jow Wicks AKA The Body Coach’s 30 min Hiit session, have to say it was tough and sweat was pouring off me. 

Here’s the link as it’s a good un https://youtu.be/xTxcVBiPyro

Over the coming week I will fill you in on The Three Peaks Challenge I completed plus a real rant on gym gear