It’s Getting Tougher

As above……it really is. Since breaking my nose I’ve really got stuck in to diet and exercise, by diet I mean lifestyle.

My body is now used to how I was eating, high protein, low carbs. Since October I haven’t been able to loose the holiday weight I gained. In fact I was getting heavier. I came to the conclusion my body thought I was bulking and it held on to everything that went in. Bulking is something that fitness models do when they are prepping to compete, they gain weight, turn into into muscle then loose every ounce of fat, it’s called “shredding” and is bloody unhealthy, physically and mentally! 

This is getting depressing, I’ve taken major action, upped cardio to 4 runs per week, weights 4 times per week, Hiit 2 times per week, yep that’s 10 sessions over 7 days, which means doubling up some days, oh yeah and don’t forget I work 5 full days per week, Wednesdays until 8-9pm. This means up at 5.30am 3-4 days per week, workouts late at night and up early Sundays.  This is called making time, it’s hard going but it’s determination, anyone who wants to really want to do it, will, no excuses!  I’ve dropped my calories, I’m not actually counting them but what goes in is totally clean eating. 

Sadly people look at me and think I’m one of those jammy sods who don’t put on weight, they couldn’t be further from the truth. One heavy night and I’m 5lbs up. The fight is real and I’m battling every day so please don’t look at me and think it comes easy, it really doesn’t, please don’t call me obsessed, I’m not I just know my body and I don’t want to let it down by letting it get out of hand.  

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