When Sh*t Happens (literally) 

This week was recovery week after the Isle of Wight Fell Carnage….sort of anyway.

Monday I took stock, didn’t do much, refuelled, foam rollered and recovered. Ran around Tuesday’s effort session at running club. http://www.springfieldstriders.org.uk the bestest running club in the whole world. Wednesday I actually had a lunch break, which I spent in the gym

Thursday needs its own paragraph. PT with Brett, this consisted of 10 reps of squats with the weighted bar, slow down with a big push up, 10 weighted leg curls, big pull up, slowwww down. A new meaning to feeling the burn. 10 sets x 10 reps of each = 200 in total. Followed by calf raises/drops 3 x 15 and ab exercise (crab leg pull ups I think) on the pull up bar. 😳😳😳

Friday eve Hiit session, Sunday I was still sore and achey from Thursday. Gutted as was running Pleshey half marathon then 8 miles home. My race plan 1.55 finish then home anyway I could. The result….1.55.17 finish, same pace home and could’ve done more.

However the best part of my week has got to be my first ever colonic irrigation!! No where near as bad as I expected, I also learned a great deal from Esther, the therapist. The reason I went through this was since I did my juice cleanse things in the bowel area have been different. I won’t go into detail in case you’re squeamish. To my horror despite my exercise, good diet and fluid intake my bowels were completely solid and impacted, to the point they were spilling out the sides. The result I had lost my waist, permanently looked and felt bloated, my abs were gone. Esther remarked my stomach was totally out of character for my body shape. The next morning I woke up with a waist! I’m soo happy!  I have 6 more treatments booked have bought recommended aids to prevent this reacurring, I add from a totally different company Esther recommended.  Check out her website though it’s not totally finished but please keep checking.  


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