Holiday Time! 

Mad week at work, still packed in PT Monday 7am Hiit Tuesday 6.45am, Wednesday 6.15am DNA Bootcamp, Thursday running round the garden for 2 hours trying to catch my cat! Saturday morning woke up in Riviera Del Sol, Spain, got the old man on stop watch duty and did a 30 minute Hiit session on the huge balcony overlooking the pool and sea. Perfect. I had packed my skipping rope and resistance tube sadly unbeknown to me my foam roller got taken out! My session consisted of:

1 min skip/ 1 min burpees 6mins in total.            

1 min/1 min 6 mins in total on resistance tube, band pull a parts concentrating on the rhumboids and pull downs 

1 min jumping squats/1 min Bulgarian Split squats  (quads) 6mins in total 1 min sit up holding 5l water bottle above head/ 1 minute Russian Twists using water bottle

2 minute plank, 45 second full side planks 

Day 2 the plan was a 10k run along the seafront, it weren’t happening my calf muscles were as tight as buggery, where’s my foam roller when I need it the most? I settled for 7k of slow miles. I did however come across something good 

 I stopped for a little go but having issues with my shoulder at present so didn’t overdo it.

Before anyone says “you’re on holiday woman” I know I’m on holiday, this is part of my holiday, it’s not a chore to keep my fitness up, I enjoy it and why undo all my hard work? I’m drinking and eating out I am watching what I eat to a certain degree but it’s good I enjoy eating healthy food. Remember it’s a lifestyle not a diet.

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