Only 5 days left here in Spain. It’s been a struggle. I have eaten well and healthy if I’m honest, I brought along my protein powder, trying white chocolate this time, some protein bars and chia seeds.  I am drinking 3-4 litres of water per day. I’ve either run or been to the gym 6 out of 7 days per week yet I still feel fat. Some of my clothes I bought only end of May don’t fit. 

Don’t get me wrong the exercise really isn’t a chore, I love it, it sets me up for the day. I’ve always done it if I’m honest but this is the first time I’ve joined a gym on holiday. I dread to think how I’d be if I hadn’t.  Plus I’m truly enjoying the gym, I’ve done some really tough workouts, used what I’ve been taught, plus advice from a couple of world class fitness peeps who I follow on Instagram, they’ve been really helpful.  Also YouTube is really good. I can’t wait to get home and continue this new found love now I have the confidence with the weights.

Anyway back to the flab issue….


Not even that much, just a steady amount from lunchtime onwards most days. I’ve gone from no alcohol to two holidays of constant boozing, after Thursday no more….

Holiday Time! 

Mad week at work, still packed in PT Monday 7am Hiit Tuesday 6.45am, Wednesday 6.15am DNA Bootcamp, Thursday running round the garden for 2 hours trying to catch my cat! Saturday morning woke up in Riviera Del Sol, Spain, got the old man on stop watch duty and did a 30 minute Hiit session on the huge balcony overlooking the pool and sea. Perfect. I had packed my skipping rope and resistance tube sadly unbeknown to me my foam roller got taken out! My session consisted of:

1 min skip/ 1 min burpees 6mins in total.            

1 min/1 min 6 mins in total on resistance tube, band pull a parts concentrating on the rhumboids and pull downs 

1 min jumping squats/1 min Bulgarian Split squats  (quads) 6mins in total 1 min sit up holding 5l water bottle above head/ 1 minute Russian Twists using water bottle

2 minute plank, 45 second full side planks 

Day 2 the plan was a 10k run along the seafront, it weren’t happening my calf muscles were as tight as buggery, where’s my foam roller when I need it the most? I settled for 7k of slow miles. I did however come across something good 

 I stopped for a little go but having issues with my shoulder at present so didn’t overdo it.

Before anyone says “you’re on holiday woman” I know I’m on holiday, this is part of my holiday, it’s not a chore to keep my fitness up, I enjoy it and why undo all my hard work? I’m drinking and eating out I am watching what I eat to a certain degree but it’s good I enjoy eating healthy food. Remember it’s a lifestyle not a diet.

Getting Better With Age

It’s been a tough week, mega busy at work as going away soon, kids off school, I still got it done though I am laying on the sofa blurry eyed at this moment.  

I made my own protein balls, I am uber proud of these and they taste lovely .

Dates (200g)

Ground almonds (100g) 

Almond butter (a dollop)

Coconut oil (a dollop)

Chia seeds (couple of spoonfuls)

Dessicated coconut (couple of spoonfuls)

Cacao powder (few spoonfuls)

Vanilla protein powder (30g)

Water as needed

Zapped it all up (remember to take the seeds out of the dates) rolled into balls, a few I rolled in melted cacao buttons and coconut think I may have overdone the buttons though. They last for ages in the fridge and can be frozen.

This weeks activity consisted of 

Monday 7am PT session with Brett Bowen, 7pm offroad trail race with my fast runner friends Nikki and Catherine,  almost 6 miles. 

Tuesday 6.15am Hiit session 

Thursday an hour weight session at home

Friday The Ipswich Twilight 10k, I smashed a PB by over 2 minutes and also was first in my age category 45-49! I won my first trophy, so pleased and forever grateful to my pacer Nikki.

Sunday a very tough 13.1 miles, mainly off road and hilly but with a twist, the middle 5 miles was a road race put on by my running club. Followed by 30 minute ab session.

So yes I’m shattered,  bring on another week .