Thursday, that is all.

I was going to pop to my running club tonight after dinner, the Springfield Striders but after a full on day I had spreadsheets to read through, stock to order and other mundain things. Instead I did 45 minutes of abs and glutes. I can’t tell you all the stuff I did as I don’t know the proper names, what I can tell you is how I put it together. 

Each exercise was 1 minute, each set was 4 minutes. I alternated 2 types of exercise 1 minute each then after each set rested 1 minute. I used 8kg and 12kg kettle bells and a resistance tube. My suggestion is do a search on YouTube. 

Today’s Meals                                                                        

Breakfast    Jumbo porridge oats made with almond milk and coconut 

Lunch.      Jacobs salt and cracked pepper bakes with almond butter, Apple 

Dinner.     Rump steak, baby salad, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and parsnips coated in Manuka honey baked in coconut oil, mushrooms.  Dessert strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and Greek yoghurt 

Snacks. Granola bar 

Drinks.  Tea with milk 5/6 cups , 2 green teas  1500 litres water 

Calories eaten 1,896 calories burnt 2,368. 
Good night people  

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