Wednesday’s Food for Thought

Wednesday’s are my longest working day,so squeezed in a few abs before work 

3 X 20 reps sit ups holding 8kg

3 X 20 reps crunches

3 X 20 Russian twists 

3 X 10 leg raises, lowering in slow motion

3 X 10 half bridge holding 8kg on top of thighs 

Forgive my lack of names for exercises 

Food Diary 

Breakfast     Mackeral fillet

Lunch 1 pack King prawns and advocado

Dinner.  Cod loin baked in creme fraiche, mustard and cheese served with basmati whole grain rice and baby salad. Dessert strawberries, raspberries with Total Greek yoghurt sprinkled with cashew nuts 

Snacks  protein bar , bowl of raspberries 

Drinks 5 cups of tea, 3 herbal tea 2.5 litres of water

After a day’s work I went out for a 6.4mile off road run. 

Calories in 1,698,     Calories out 2, 600


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