Tuesday’s grub and exercise 

6.50am 30 minute Hiit session (high intensity interval training) with DNA Bootcamp 

Breakfast  protein pancakes made with 1 banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 egg, fried in coconut oil, topped with Zero syrup

Snack.  Herbalife almond and vanilla protein Bar

Lunch.   4 rashers grilled bacon,  1 advocado  both chopped up and mixed together  

Snack.  Apple 

Dinner.   Homemade Bolognase made with extra lean pork mince and steak mince with baked sweet potato fries with honey

Dessert   Strawberries, raspberries with Fage Total Greek yoghurt

Drink 5 cups of tea, 1 milky coffee,  2.5 litres water 

Full day’s work, popped to running club then back home to clean out and rearrange my wardrobe, it’s now 9.21pm and so far I have burnt off 2,091 calories and eaten about 1,950. 

Until tomorrow 

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