Food!!! Glorious Food and other Stuff

From now on I will share my food and exercise diary, probably not every day as that’s boring.

Had another heavy weekend away, today’s my birthday, however I will start the diary from today so you can see how I tackled eating out. 

I’ve also been asked how I came to eat what I do and how I found out about diet, the answer is simple, I asked people the who know plus I researched.So here goes 

Breakfast     Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats with Hazlenut Milk, neither were measured. I do have cow’s milk in tea, in everything else it’s either Hazlenut, Coconut or Almond milk, all higher in calcium, but lower in calories than cow’s milk.

Lunch.    1 Mackeral fillet, Banana, Protein Bar ( I like the Herbalife ones)

Snack.     5 Jacobs Salt and Pepper Bakes with Almond Butter from

Dinner.     Chef and Brewer, Starter scallops and pulled pork with rocket, Main, Fish Medley I swapped the chips for Sweet Potato chips, didn’t have the sauce 

Dessert.     The stodgiest Salt Caramel Brownie Sunday

Drinks.       Soda and lime 

During the day I drank 6 cups of tea,  3 cups of Green Tea with coconut from Holland & Barrett plus 2 litres of water. I’ll let you into a secret, I don’t like plain water therefore I use Volvic Lemon and Lime Water dilute it 1/3 with tap water. 

Exercise. Walked to my son’s school and back, 5 mile easy paced off road run

All food was documented on MyFitnessPal which synced with my Fitbit app. Yes I was over today but I’ll live with that. 

Tomorrow’s a new day 

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