Body Changes

13507108_1067860719961287_131343982426521995_nSo the lifestyle change started September, by December things had changed dramatically, much more muscle definition, dropped 2 clothes sizes, I felt great, lots of energy, gained confidence, my running improved hugely. However there was one change that wasn’t for the good and no matter how hard I tried there was nothing I could do to improve it. Basically my boobs fell off my chest!

I had always had good boobs, if you recall in my earlier blog about my modelling? Even after 2 children they were still good, but overnight that changed. My delightful daughter likened them to “saggy prunes” or “empty icing bags”!

Eventually after lots of thought and asking for recommendations I booked myself a consultation with Professor James Frame at Springfield Medical Centre. He explained implants were not suitable as I was too muscular for them to look natural, he wouldn’t do them and I didn’t want two melons stuck on my chest, I couldn’t have a normal uplift as fat needs to be injected from elsewhere on my body, I didn’t have any. The only option available to me was a procedure called Breform Mastypexy, an internal bra. A vary rare procedure, typically an expensive one to boot. I decided to go ahead.

Wednesday 23rd March I checked in for the only operation I’d ever had, I’ve never even had a filling in my teeth. I went down to theatre at 3pm, expecting to be back at 6pm, not me, 8.30pm. Complications arose during the operation resulting in me nearly bleeding to death, I was later to find out I lost about 3 and half pints of blood, my entire body consisting of 5! During the night my blood pressure dropped dangerously low and I was dehydrated, alarm bells pushed, nurses rushing around I was wired up and drips put in. It could only happen to me. Needless to say I wasn’t allowed home.

I do have in invaluable piece of advice to anyone about to have an operation, the drugs post op and the antibiotics caused me extreme bloating and thrush, I bought myself some Acidophullis 10 billion cultures, within 24 hours the thrush had gone, 48 hours the bloatedness and discomfort had also gone. Whilst the drugs are an important part of aftercare they don’t differentiate between the bad bits and the good bits, the Acidophullis replaces the good bacteria that are a major part of our bodies.

The weeks to come I was quite ill, looking back I didn’t realise at the time quite how ill. I’m still on iron supplements now but just as a precaution. On the plus side my boobs are healing well, ¬†Professor Frame was impressed how well I had healed, I did everything I was told. No exercise at all for 5 weeks, no bootcamp for 9 weeks, eased myself back into running.


It was soo worth it in the end

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