Brutal Truth

Count down to my holiday begins! The naturist in me will soon be released! Only joking I do wear bikini bottoms, regardless there’s nowhere to hide any imperfections, I’m even frantically rubbing bio oil into my scars from my op 3 times per day.

This week has seen me focused on what I’m eating and drinking again, although had a few blips. Physical activity has been spot on.

Monday 7am personal training session with Brett, later in the afternoon  45 minutes on my abs in the garden.

Tuesday 6.50am DNARAW Hiit session at the gym, mad day at work, hill effort session with Springfield Striders RC in the evening .

Wednesday 9am personal training session with Brett, worked until 6.15pm then did a sociable easy paced off road run from the pub. I did stay for food this time as have avoided it in the past and I couldn’t resist the steak and ale pie followed by a Belgian waffle   Great pub , very friendly staff and lovely food.

Thursday I took as a rest day, long day at work instead. 

Friday I had booked in for the Hiit session with DNA bootcamp in the evening, I was horrified to receive an email saying it was cancelled. What was I to do? Open my Dropbox folder with my PT Tabata exercises on from Brett and got stuck into that for an hour. Happy Days.

Saturday, my pregnant friend Nikki offered to pace me round Parkrun. I only took her up on this as normally she is way to fast for me. By now my entire body is aching, I had low expectations for a PB. Amazingly I smashed it! PB by 15seconds thanks to Nik’s words of encouragement and pointing out the next person I was to “pick off” I also rode there and back. At 12pm it was the club’s annual BBQ, now I will be honest, 1 burger, 13 chipolaters, too much vodka to count, Prosecco, head stands, handstands later we carried it on in town until 2am. I infact went on a 14 hour bender!  I didn’t have a kebab though folks 

Sunday, yep I got up, rode to Terling, ran 8.3 miles off road, rode home 15 miles in total. The run was tough, my legs tired, soo much so I tripped, couldn’t right myself and managed to land on my shoulder, band my hip and my head!! I’m now totally destroyed.

There you go, my weekend is now a right off where eating is concerned, tomorrow’s a new day, all is not lost.

The Things I do to get the Body I’m After

What I’m telling you about today is the last 7 days of my exercise regime.  I will tell you how I fit it in with work and family life.

Firstly more bare truths. I’ve got to be honest I’m struggling. Struggling to get the extra weight off I’m still carrying. I’m finding myself avoiding eating out. My last meal out was Monday, I choose the healthy options from the menu but the useless pub didn’t have anything left. This was 7.30 at night FFS!!  What pub/restaurant runs out of salad!! The Fox and Raven does on Chelmer Village thats who!

Tomorrow, Monday I will be completely focused.

Back on track, this weeks exercise

Monday, this is my usual day off though its never a day of doing nothing, this week myself and my running friend Sarah drove to Bradfield, near Ramsey.  The temperature was roughly 28/29c, we couldn’t abort as we booked this in our diaries weeks ago as we are both busy working mums, so that was the day we had to do. We were reccying our leg of the Essex Way Relays which are held first Sunday in September, a large amount of running clubs take part in this event that runs from Epping to Harwich in 10 legs. Different runners run each leg, last year the mighty Springfield Striders wiped the board and won everything!!! Its always a busy day for me , being Ladies Captain it’s mine and the Gents Captain jobs to be at the start of every leg, starting at 7am, run our own leg then be at the finish. usually getting home 10-11pm.   I’ve digressed , we ran  leg 5.7 miles out, turned round and ran it back, totalling almost 12 miles off road. two wee stops in fields and woods, water stop care of Wrabness Church. NB/ if you’re ever thirsty most churches have fresh water tap ouside To top it off I had to pick my bike up from its 6 weeks check, so 2 1/2 bike ride home just about finished me off

Tuesday, fully booked at work, usual running round that mums do, cooked dinner but left mine until later as didn’t have time to eat it before effort training at club. 6 miles hard running, though my legs were battered so not much effort could be put in here.

Wednesdays are my late night at work, I finish when I finish no set time, therefore I try not to start first thing if I’m able. Instead this week I had my first ever PT session. There’s parts I want to target, get more into weights, so I called in Brett from DNA BOOTCAMP for his help. This man is soo knowledgeable about the human body and mind it’s unreal. I had  a 30 minute consultation with him first, though it felt more like a counselling session. He took pictures against a blue background, blocked out lighting, this was the bare bones of what I looked like. I’ll be honest I did not like what I saw and couldn’t look any longer than I had to!

Thursday, a full day at work but not mega busy, PT session number 2. By now everything ached, I couldn’t feel my arms.

Friday was and always is a very busy day at work, I got it done, rushed off to my HiiT session with DNA BOOTCAMP.

Saturday 10 hours day without a break, by the time salon was cleaned I was pooped

Sunday, I had arranged to run with another member of Striders to reccy her leg out and back, total 18 miles, she messaged me to postpone. Instead I cycled to a trail race and back totalling 15.7 miles. A trail race is an off road run where you are timed out and back in, you run following a narrative map, great fun. I also ran this 5.8 miles with another very quick Strider as she fancied an easier run.

Other ways of getting time to do the things I want is I get my shopping delivered or do Click N Collect, I have a cleaner once a fortnight. These are things I don’t want to do, so you could say I don’t have time to do them, or rather I don’t want to make time to do them.  See where this is going?



Sunday, That is All!

For the record last night’s dinner consisted of grilled king prawns with garlic butter,  fillet steak, mushrooms , salad with sweet potato fries instead of potato, though I found myself clearing up what was left of those. Dessert treacle tart with clotted cream. The wine was substituted for Vodka, lime and soda, much more forgiving on the waistline and the head the following day. 

Today’s food is a bit of a shambles as I needed more carbs today as I rode 60miles on my road bike . Breakfast     Organic jumbo porridge oats made with almond milk

Lunch    Cliffs Builders Energy bar (white chocolate and macadonia) whilst riding then a pit stop where I consumed a coffee walnut cake and a cup of tea

Dinner.    Chicken kebabs, Tilda coconut rice with lots of salad. Dessert.  Strawberries, raspberries and Greek yoghurt

Snack.    Banana

5 cups of tea, a couple of energy drinks whilst riding finished with 2 litres of water. 

That’s all for now, off to bed as worn out. 

Sordid Saturday 

Quick early blog today as I’m out shortly for my birthday night out with the girls.

Yes I will eat and drink what I like, in fact already on the Prosecco, however the food I tend to enjoy more now is more healthy than it used to be “hic”

Was out of the salon until 2pm doing wedding hair all morning, then back in the salon until 4pm. No exercise today . 

Breakfast    Vanilla protein pancakes with zero sugar , coconut and raspberries 

Lunch really was squeezed in    Jacobs black pepper thins with almond butter and an apple 

Dinner.     Who knows!!! “Hic”

Catch you tomorrow “hic”! 

Finally Friday (tho I work Saturday) 

I’ve had lots of people tell me how much they are enjoying my blog, please do like my FB page The Running Hairdresser and/or my blog so I know you like it and I’m not boring anyone or, talking to myself. 

Have signed myself up for 6 PT sessions with Brett from DNA Bootcamp, this man knows his onions. I’ve never had PT before so quite nervous as can’t hide behind others. 

Today’s grub

Breakfast.   Jumbo organic porridge oats with almond milk and coconut 

Lunch.    Asda kiln salmon, whole tube, 1 Apple 1 banana 

Dinner.    Scampi, 100g new potatoes , salad . Dessert strawberries, raspberries, Greek yoghurt 

Snacks   A bit poor today , a couple of handfuls throughout the day of whey white chocolate balls from

Drinks 6 cups of tea, 2 cups green tea with coconut, 2000 ml water 

I bought some Paleo bars from Holland&Barrett, they sounded delicious, they weren’t, trust me!! 

Full day at work,  followed by 30 minute Hiit session with DNAbootcamp at Unique Results gym. 

See you tomorrow 

Thursday, that is all.

I was going to pop to my running club tonight after dinner, the Springfield Striders but after a full on day I had spreadsheets to read through, stock to order and other mundain things. Instead I did 45 minutes of abs and glutes. I can’t tell you all the stuff I did as I don’t know the proper names, what I can tell you is how I put it together. 

Each exercise was 1 minute, each set was 4 minutes. I alternated 2 types of exercise 1 minute each then after each set rested 1 minute. I used 8kg and 12kg kettle bells and a resistance tube. My suggestion is do a search on YouTube. 

Today’s Meals                                                                        

Breakfast    Jumbo porridge oats made with almond milk and coconut 

Lunch.      Jacobs salt and cracked pepper bakes with almond butter, Apple 

Dinner.     Rump steak, baby salad, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and parsnips coated in Manuka honey baked in coconut oil, mushrooms.  Dessert strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and Greek yoghurt 

Snacks. Granola bar 

Drinks.  Tea with milk 5/6 cups , 2 green teas  1500 litres water 

Calories eaten 1,896 calories burnt 2,368. 
Good night people  

Wednesday’s Food for Thought

Wednesday’s are my longest working day,so squeezed in a few abs before work 

3 X 20 reps sit ups holding 8kg

3 X 20 reps crunches

3 X 20 Russian twists 

3 X 10 leg raises, lowering in slow motion

3 X 10 half bridge holding 8kg on top of thighs 

Forgive my lack of names for exercises 

Food Diary 

Breakfast     Mackeral fillet

Lunch 1 pack King prawns and advocado

Dinner.  Cod loin baked in creme fraiche, mustard and cheese served with basmati whole grain rice and baby salad. Dessert strawberries, raspberries with Total Greek yoghurt sprinkled with cashew nuts 

Snacks  protein bar , bowl of raspberries 

Drinks 5 cups of tea, 3 herbal tea 2.5 litres of water

After a day’s work I went out for a 6.4mile off road run. 

Calories in 1,698,     Calories out 2, 600


Tuesday’s grub and exercise 

6.50am 30 minute Hiit session (high intensity interval training) with DNA Bootcamp 

Breakfast  protein pancakes made with 1 banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 egg, fried in coconut oil, topped with Zero syrup

Snack.  Herbalife almond and vanilla protein Bar

Lunch.   4 rashers grilled bacon,  1 advocado  both chopped up and mixed together  

Snack.  Apple 

Dinner.   Homemade Bolognase made with extra lean pork mince and steak mince with baked sweet potato fries with honey

Dessert   Strawberries, raspberries with Fage Total Greek yoghurt

Drink 5 cups of tea, 1 milky coffee,  2.5 litres water 

Full day’s work, popped to running club then back home to clean out and rearrange my wardrobe, it’s now 9.21pm and so far I have burnt off 2,091 calories and eaten about 1,950. 

Until tomorrow 

Food!!! Glorious Food and other Stuff

From now on I will share my food and exercise diary, probably not every day as that’s boring.

Had another heavy weekend away, today’s my birthday, however I will start the diary from today so you can see how I tackled eating out. 

I’ve also been asked how I came to eat what I do and how I found out about diet, the answer is simple, I asked people the who know plus I researched.So here goes 

Breakfast     Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats with Hazlenut Milk, neither were measured. I do have cow’s milk in tea, in everything else it’s either Hazlenut, Coconut or Almond milk, all higher in calcium, but lower in calories than cow’s milk.

Lunch.    1 Mackeral fillet, Banana, Protein Bar ( I like the Herbalife ones)

Snack.     5 Jacobs Salt and Pepper Bakes with Almond Butter from

Dinner.     Chef and Brewer, Starter scallops and pulled pork with rocket, Main, Fish Medley I swapped the chips for Sweet Potato chips, didn’t have the sauce 

Dessert.     The stodgiest Salt Caramel Brownie Sunday

Drinks.       Soda and lime 

During the day I drank 6 cups of tea,  3 cups of Green Tea with coconut from Holland & Barrett plus 2 litres of water. I’ll let you into a secret, I don’t like plain water therefore I use Volvic Lemon and Lime Water dilute it 1/3 with tap water. 

Exercise. Walked to my son’s school and back, 5 mile easy paced off road run

All food was documented on MyFitnessPal which synced with my Fitbit app. Yes I was over today but I’ll live with that. 

Tomorrow’s a new day 

Alcohol IS the Enemy

This blog will bring you up to today!!   Where I am at today.

I did battle with my weight, I still do battle with my weight,  part of my healthy eating is no snacks, no processed food and no alcohol. It works! Remember “You are what you eat” I found all this pretty easy, I even gave up chocolate, I was that focused.  Christmas…..not a problem, Easter…..not a problem.  My all inclusive holiday to Barbados……big, huge problem.  Ok I ate more than usual but to be honest it wasn’t really that bad, the actual food I consumed, the problem was the booze, I drank all day, everyday. My water intake dropped, my Pina Colada, Coconut Rum and Pineapple and Strawberry Dacquiri intake multiplied by 1000s.  I went to the gym every day sometimes twice, I would run 10K, then the next time run 5K and do 30-45 minutes strengthening. It didn’t help that a young barman asked me what I did for a living, I told him I was a hairdresser, his reply to that “What with that body!” therefore I didn’t think I looked too bad.

First thing I did on my return home was jump on the scales, I had gained a whopping 14lbs!! WTF??????? I upped my water intake to 3 litres a day again, watched my food, after 48 hours I had lost 6lbs, got back into my exercise, restarted DNA bootcamp for the first time after my operation, lost another 4lbs. Had a weeekend away camping gained 8lbs, this again was alcohol fuelled, lost some of that once home, couple of weeks later Fling Festival with the girls, dinner at the inlaws, then lunch in London and more alcohol.

The date of the lunch in London was Monday 4th July, my weight has sored to 9st 12lbs. I had gone from 8st 3lbs to that!!

Today, Friday 8th July I weigh 9st dead on, I’m about to go away for the weekend for my children’s dance competition in Bournemouth,  on the plus side 2 of my good friends also go, on the downside it will be another alcohol fuelled weekend, Monday 11th July is my birthday, Saturday 16th birthday meal out with friends, more alcohol.  Then that is it!!!!

I want to be back to 8st 7lbs.  I will do it, from Monday I will be logging all my food, drink and exercise.

No Excuses!