My Two Must Haves!

MyFitnessPal app on my iphone and Fitbit HR Charge on my wrist at all times!

MyfitnessPal is an app where I input everything I eat and drink, it will sort out the nutrients, the calories, fat, carbs etc, good for keeping carbs low and protein high, you will be shocked at how many carbs you eat even when trying not to, but don’t forget you do need some.  The downside to this app is the calories allowed are generic, not specified to you.  This is where the Fitbit comes into play.

The FitBit HR Charge will tell exactly how many calories I am burning off, also how I am burning them off, peak, cardio or fat burning, fat burning is what I want, cardio is good for getting fitter, think peak is when I’m nearing a heart attack. When I’m fat burning I’m burning less calories, fine by me I want to burn fat. I’ll give an example, when I run say a 5k my heart rate is high, in the peak zone, half marathon cardio/peak, bootcamp cardio/fat burning, Hiit session mainly fat burning, weights kettle bells fat burning, cycling cardio. Confused?  It does get clearer honest. It also informs me how badly I sleep each night.

Both of these bits of “kit” talk to each other, where I input food into the app it syncs across to the Fitbit, therefore I know exactly how many calories I’m intaking and burning. I rarely go under, for those who think I had an eating disorder. I eat around 1800-2000 calories per day, but I eat the right things.

Just to really confuse you my Garmin watch I run with and Garmin computer I ride with also talk to both, then there’s Strava……

For those of you that have Vitality Health or Life Insurance will know about the activity points, thanks to all my gadgets and apps I receive a Starbucks drink every week, cinema ticket, itunes song each month, the best so far is the £500 cash back I got on my new bike, the more you do the more you get back, its a win, win situatuion.

Finally I don’t feel deprived, I no longer eat processed food, chocolate in small moderation, Rye bread, wraps or pittas instead of normal bread, its not an effort though, it’s my way of life……

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