From The Beginning, Well Almost

I’ll keep it as brief as I can.  From a young age I battled with my relationship with food, I put some of it down to the fact my parents would not let me leave the table until I had eaten everything on my plate, as probably with a lot of you.  The effect in latter life was not being able to go to a buffet without wanting to clear the table personally,  I had a massive hatred for food wastage, though those are just a couple of examples.

As an adult I discovered exercise, by my late teens, early twenties food was winning the battle, I found the more I exercised and less I ate the more weight I lost, years of yo-yo dieting ensued.  Back then the weight came off from where I wanted it to, therefore still managing to retain my boobs, so with my tiny waist and big boobs a short career in glamour modelling began, until my boyfriend at the time put paid to that. I don’t have many regrets in life but that is most definitely the biggest, at 18 years old putting a boyfriend before what could have been a lucrative career.

All through my twenties my weight would fluctuate between 8 and 10 stone. Thirties, marriage, two children. Exercising got harder and harder until I discovered running, I could step out of the front door and just run. 8 marathons,20 something half marathons, and countless 10 milers, 10k, 5k, 5 milers, on or off roaders I’m now the Ladies Captain of my local running club the Springfield Striders.

Life with a young family, running my own business, having a husband that would work 24/7 made fitting in exercise extremely difficult, marathon training was almost the third person in my marriage, you become selfish, but you have to be, you have to be strict and regimented and nothing else mattered, well in my head that’s how it had to be. To my horror I gained weight marathon training!!!  How the hell could that happen? I’ll tell you how, I treated it like pregnancy, it became my reason to eat!!!

2014,I took up boxing and started cycling just more stuff to try to counteract the fat. 2015, Bootcamp, more importantly HiiT (high intensity interval training) I started to notice I was getting that definition back. I wanted more of this!! I had a little chat with Brett from DNA bootcamp about diet, he gave me lots of pointers and was always happy to help with any of my questions. I soon realised from the diets he showed me that they were mainly high protein. That was it I changed the way I ate, I had been addicted to carbs, gradually I ditched them, no panic though as natural carbs are everywhere, very quickly the weight started to drop, muscle started to build, my running improved massively.

This was a lifestyle change, not a diet……….

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