The Networking Club’s fab Mag

The Networking Club’s fab Mag

As well as a runner and a hairdresser, I am also an avid networker.  I love to recommend other hard workers, due to my job I’ll always know a man or WOman that can.  I attend a local networking group in Chelmsford, known as The Networking Club.  This is run by a very talented lady, beautican Susan Guild of All-Over-Beauty. There are two meetings a month, one on the second Thursday morning of the month, the other two weeks later on a Thursday evening. The members are a friendly bunch from all aspects of trade and industry, all extremely experienced and knowledgable in what they offer.  The magazine we produce is very aptly named Tried and Tested. Why?  We have all tried and tested in some way or another, and only members of the group can advertise in the Tried and Tested.

If you’re looking for mortgage, pension or legal advice we have the ladies for you. Kitchen or bathroom tiled, patio laid or a rewire, we have the chaps for the job!  The list is endless, photographer, cakes, weight management, hair (that’s me!), carpets, counselling, relexology, sports massage, osteopathy, beauty, accountancy, printing, wedding invites,event management, homeopathy!  Click on the above link to see exactly what the hell I’m on about.

So now you know what I get up to once a month on a Thursday morning!!

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