My coach Mr Paul Anderson tells me I should be telling you about my last two races, the latter I’ve already written about, the Essex 20, the former is Great Bentley Half marathon, organised by GBRC on 10th Feb. My time to aim for was 1 hr 54 mins, this would make me on target for my marathon Good For Age time of 3hrs 49 mins and 59secs. I started the race with a game plan, but not a PB (personal best) in mind. 8.45 minute miles was Paul’s advice, but I wanted more, “Ok” he said “just take 5-10 seconds off for the first 10 miles then see what you have left for the final 3”. First mile 8.40.69, not bad, 8.38, 8.36, 8.46, 8.33, mile 9, 8.29.25, mile 10, 8.20.34…… I looked at my watch knowing my PB was 1hr 51mins, 49 seconds, or there abouts I thought a PB could may be had.  Mile 11 8.31, mile 12, 7.58!!!  Where the hell did that come from??  Finally mile 13, 8.13.57, finish time by my Garmin 1 hr 52 mins and 22 seconds.  According to The Power of 10 website this was a PB for me, it was not  1 hr 51mins and 49 seconds in 2009 the very same race was my PB, don’t know where the mistake was made.  The Power of 10 is a site that all registered races from different leagues post results, its an amazing tool as your PB, stats etc are all worked out for you, you do have to be registered as an amateur athlete, ha ha me athlete??


Anyway I now know I’m on target for the time I’d like to achieve at Brighton marathon, lets hope my legs hold together from now on.


What does the weekend hold?  ParkRun in the morning, in Central Park, Chelmsford.  These are free to enter, held in most cities and large towns, just turn up and run 3 miles as fast as you can, or take the kids, the dog, even walk it, no pressure do as you will.  Sunday not allowed to run, hubby banning me from running every Sunday, I shall make him feel suitably guilty as I’m sure he’d allow me to work every Sunday.

I did however promisebryce 007

my 7 year old son Bryce I would come and watch him play football, a promise is a promise so I’ll be there.


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