I’m new to this lark! Barewith.

Ok today is my first day of ‘blogging’, I’ll get there I’m sure. Ok lets start from Sunday…..Essex 20, road race in from Langham near Colchester, Essex.  Predominantly marathon runners, practising their race pace for a number of different marathons over the next 6 weeks, mine being Brighton.  The last time I ran this was in 2009 in a time of 3 hrs 11, this week I sheered off a decent 15 minutes to come home in 2 hrs 56 mins and 14 seconds…every second counts you know.  I had some help from a fellow club member, said club being my beloved Springfield Striders, said fellow member being a Mr Wheeldon, who harrassed, insulted and cajuled me through the finish line, and like a true gent let me cross first.  4th female Strider and as always I just missed out of a medal.

Rest of week so far a tad dull, usual Pilates class Monday, nestled in between the bike ride up hill 4 miles there, gratefully 4 miles downhill home.  Visit from a charminng Goldwell/KMS rep, who put no pressure on, in fact I’m harrassing him.  Great things to come I feel

Found myself running to efforts at the running club,believing that I was doing this 48 hrs after racing a 20 miler, I am proof that running 3 times per week, will get you through a marathon, and in a best time, Bridge efforts were however a major effort, the saying ‘build yourself a bridge and get over it’ sprung to mind! More hair, more running, wonder whjat the rest of the week has in store.

It will get more interesting I promise!Image

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